Course Consulting Service

Expert evaluation to help improve golfer experience, golf course playing quality, environmental sustainability and economic efficiency

About the USGA Course Consulting Service


Through the work of its Green Section, which was established in 1920, the USGA has emerged as one of the world’s leading agencies devoted to golf course turfgrass, its playing condition and its management. Since 1953, the USGA and the Green Section have offered on-site Turf Advisory Service visits to golf courses nationwide.

Today, the USGA continues this tradition with the USGA Course Consulting Service, which provides new and expanded capabilities designed to meet the diverse needs of golf course owners and managers.

Make your golf course the best it can be with expert guidance from our trusted advisors


  • Assess course maintenance and renovation needs

  • Benchmark current programs against recognized best management practices
  • Recommend action steps that are aligned with your objectives and budget
  • Build consensus for planned initiatives throughout your organization



Benefit from our unsurpassed experience and unbiased guidance


As a not-for-profit agency that is free from commercial connections, the USGA Course Consulting Service is uniquely able to provide the impartial guidance you need to make informed decisions. Each on-site visit from a USGA agronomist with wide-ranging knowledge of your region is followed up by a written report that draws upon our unmatched expertise as a provider of more than 1,400 on-site course consultations annually.


There are many key benefits to an on-site evaluation from the USGA

Unmatched Experience

USGA agronomists are located in field offices throughout the country, each visiting nearly 100 golf courses per year. Since 1953, this nationwide network has been an invaluable source of expertise and experience for golf courses.

Rigorous Methodology

Backed by the largest private turfgrass research program in the world and equipped with practical and scientific tools, USGA agronomists are trained to thoroughly identify key issues and offer site-specific recommendations.

Unique Objectivity

The USGA Course Consulting Service has no financial interest in any products or services it may recommend. Our agronomists operate with autonomy, so that the interests of the individual golf course are our first and only priority.

Build Consensus

A goal of every consulting visit is to help build consensus among key course personnel. This strong level of communication both during and after an on-site visit can include an agronomist’s presentation of findings to course officials, if desired.

Long-Term Savings

USGA agronomists can identify problems early, thereby preventing turf loss or other issues requiring large expenditures. Golf course managers and others consistently report that USGA recommendations have saved them many times the cost of the course consulting visit.  

Improved Golf Experience

Course conditioning is the most important factor in golfer satisfaction, which helps attract and retain customers. In areas such as putting green consistency, turf quality, and appropriate tee placement, we can provide insights that allow facility managers to provide a better product for their golfers.

You choose the focus of your visit
Create a strategic roadmap to success by asking the USGA agronomist to tailor a course consulting visit to the unique needs and objectives of your course. Course consulting visits can be scheduled at your convenience and structured to focus on areas of greatest concern. A professionally written report summarizing observations and recommendations will be distributed shortly after each visit.


Save $500

 Our commitment to the golf industry has never been greater. That's why in light of current circumstances, the $500 early payment discount for onsite consulting visits, which typically ends May 15, has been extended for the entirety of 2020