Surface Management

Deacon can help you improve putting surface performance
delivers consistent playing conditions for your golfers


Putting Green Performance

Greens are the lifeblood of the course and have a significant impact on golfer satisfaction. The ability to measure inputs, performance characteristics, and playing quality will allow you to deliver consistent and high-quality putting surfaces for your golfers.


Fine-Tune Your Greens


Data is crucial for refining maintenance practices. Surface Management allows you to precisely measure all daily inputs and cultural practices and record growth and playing characteristics, leading to better informed data-driven decisions.


Predictable Results


The more you enter data and measure results in Surface Management, the more confidence you can have in your data-driven decisions. Historical data allows you to understand the impact of cultural practices and other variables like weather.


Data Visualization


Surface management makes data easy to understand. It features a simple platform for entering your data on a daily basis and to view graphs and charts. It's also easy to share data with others at your facility to communicate more efficiently.

Getting Started

You can get up and running with Surface Management in less than 5 minutes!

Easy to Use

Surface Management is easy to get set up, create accounts and record data. The easiest and most-convenient way to record data is by downloading and using the mobile app, available for iOS enabled devices.

Record Data

Now you and your team are ready to start recording your inputs. It takes only seconds to record data on each green.

Analyze Results

As data is added, you will begin to see your dashboard display insights. Customize your view to ensure that the most critical information displays first.


The importance of Surface Management

Everybody knows how important putting greens are. Facilities spend a lot of money to keep them in consistently good condition. Golfers want greens that roll true and have consistent speeds. Surface Management allows you to track key performance indicators to improve your ability to manage your greens and deliver consistent putting surfaces that satisfy your golfers.

How Surface Management works

All it takes is a few minutes each day to record the inputs and cultural practices for a green, as well as the clipping yield and Stimpmeter reading after the morning maintenance.

Deacon consolidates all the data in a single location, making it easy to visualize and analyze the information, whether from day to day, month to month, or year over year.

Identify trends

All the data you accumulate through the daily measurement and recording can yield some significant insights. You can analyze the impact of variables such as weather, rainfall, and mowing regimen on the growth and performance of your greens. Whether you're looking for year-round consistency or trying to peak for a special event or tournament, the Surface Management tool can guide you along the way.

Sensor integration

We have the ability to ingest data from various on-course sensors that you use so you can expand your monitoring ability. So whether you want to track moisture, temperature, or anything else you measure on a regular basis, we can work with you to provide customized insights into how they impact the performance and playing quality of your putting surfaces. So talk to us and let us know how we can help you provide a better experience for your golfers.

Historical Data

The value of daily tracking

With Surface Management, taking just a few minutes each day to measure, record, and enter data can help you spot trends and make decisions that improve efficiency and putting green performance

  • Track green speed, firmness, and soil moisture
  • Log your daily cultural practices
  • Track product applications
  • Quickly see application history
  • View the total amount applied, number of applications, and average rate
  • Perform comparisons over different points in time

USGA Course Consulting Service

Take advantage of our expertise

The Surface Management tool can't do it all. A USGA regional agronomist can visit your course and provide guidance in analyzing the data and creating a customized action plan for your greens. They can also share their expertise gained from our research, our collective knowledge base, and visits to hundreds of courses in your region.


Customer Success

Learn more about the power of data

Ken Lee, Cherokee Town & Country Club

"The return on investment for Surface Management has been excellent. Using the data, we've learned that we can sometimes forgo a roll or second cut and achieve the same result, saving time and money."