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Who we are

Since our establishment in 1920, USGA Green Section have consistently championed the excellence and sustainability of golf courses worldwide. Our expertise, rooted in science, experience, and research, has been instrumental in shaping the golf industry.

Our mission is clear:

To enhance the quality of golf course turfgrass, ensuring exceptional playing conditions while promoting resource-efficient, sustainable practices. We are committed to helping golf course owners, superintendents, and managers achieve their goals while upholding the spirit of the game.

Meet our Agronomists

Our experienced USGA Agronomists, located in Green Section offices across the country, blend formal education with practical field experience gained from collaborating with golf course managers, industry experts, and university scientists in four regions. This expertise aids golf course staff and officials in optimising their turf with cost-effective methods.

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Green Section Award

Presented annually since 1961, the USGA Green Section Award recognizes an individual’s distinguished service to the game of golf through his or her work with turfgrass, including research, maintenance and other areas that positively impact the landscape upon which golf is played.


USGA Green Section Internship Opportunities

For over 25 years, the USGA Green Section has provided an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in an immersive internship experience. Many USGA Green Section interns have gone on to prominent careers as superintendents, professors and industry professionals.