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Course Consulting Service

Course Consulting Service

Select your Visit type

Half-Day General Assessment

3000.00 USD

Full Day General Assessment

4000.00 USD

Half Day Package (Two Half-Day Assessments)

5000.00 USD

Select desired visit month

We'll contact you within 72 hours to schedule on-site visit date and time.

Book a visit with a USGA agronomist in your region who will provide a thorough assessment of your course in order to help you improve your turf health, manage your resources more efficiently, and provide a better playing experience for your golfers.

What’s included

  • A visit performed by regional agronomists, based on location1

  • Comprehensive assessment: we will go over a checklist of nearly 50 quantitative and qualitative items related to playing quality

  • Report: you will receive a report that summarizes observations and identifies areas where playing quality can be improved

Request custom solutions

After an initial meeting, our team will build a customized consulting package for your facility that can be executed in one visit or over multiple visits to your property.


Contact us at greensection@usga.org. For more information, please see our General TermsAdditional Terms, and GS3 Limited Warranty.

We're here for you to help

You choose the focus of the visit

A consulting visit will address your unique needs and objectives. During our time on site, we will assess the areas of greatest concern.

Action Plan

Get a budget-friendly action plan. Our unbiased advice prioritizes your facility, informed by the world's largest private turfgrass research program.


High level of engagement before, during and after the visit. Our experts can communicate findings to diverse audiences, from board members to golfers.

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