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Course Consulting Service

USGA Course Consulting Service

Unlock the potential of your course through our expert agronomists

Improve the playing quality, environmental sustainability, and economic efficiency of your course.

For over 75 years, we’ve been providing on-site Turf Advisory Services to courses nationwide, offering expert guidance to fine-tune your course management practices while optimizing your budget. We're not here to dictate your course's operations, but to provide impartial insights, research-backed education and proven strategies. What does a USGA agronomist bring to your course? Take a look:

Unbiased Expertise

Benefit from the extensive experience and rigorous methodology of USGA agronomists.

Actionable plan

Receive a tailored action plan that suits your needs and budget.

Cost Savings

Identify and resolve issues before they become expensive problems.

Consensus Building

Get everyone at your facility on the same page by sharing communications and getting consensus on planning and projects.

Enhanced Experience

Elevate your course’s playing conditions to meet player expectations.

You choose the focus of the visit

Scheduled at your convenience, our visit tailors to your specific needs, assessing key concerns on-site. followed by a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations, and research-backed education materials.

General Assessment

  • Half Day Visit, 4-hour: $3,000.00

  • Full Day Visit, 8-hour: $4,000.00

  • Half Day Package (Two Half Day Visits in one calendar year): $5,000.00

General Assessment

Provide an objective, impartial, science-based evaluation of all factors influencing turfgrass health, playability, and sustainability.

  • Evaluate the golf course agronomic plan and maintenance practices as well as infrastructure, turfgrasses, soils, equipment, and budget.

  • Provide short and long-term recommendations to improve golf course playing conditions and turfgrass health.

  • Build consensus and implement strategies for resource prioritization. 

General Assessment

Specialty Assessments

$5,000.00 each

Putting Green 

Examine each putting green and surrounding complex for several factors that predict putting green performance in the short and long term.

  • Evaluate putting green surface performance.

  • Identify opportunities to improve putting green performance.

  • Provide site-specific recommendations for improved putting green management.

Tree Evaluation

Examine golf course tree plantings as they relate to turfgrass health, playability, tree quality and aesthetics

  • Evaluate tree placements, types and conditions.

  • Make specific short and long-term tree recommendations to improve turfgrass health, playability, tree quality and aesthetics.

Bunker Evaluation

Provide comprehensive factual information and observations regarding the bunkers on the golf course.

  • Assess bunkers for short-term issues related to daily maintenance and/or operational efficiency, and longer-term issues related to infrastructure.

  • Make recommendations as appropriate.

Putting Green 

Tree Evaluation

Bunker Evaluation

Custom solutions

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Custom solutions

Combining multiple on-site visits with specialty evaluations or virtual consultations to provide you with a wide array of services to support maintenance practices or renovation planning. 

After an initial meeting, our team will build a customized consulting package for your facility that can be executed in one visit or over multiple visits to your property.

Create a strategic roadmap to success with a custom course consulting visit that targets the unique needs and objectives of your course. Examples include:

  • Complete course renovation projects

  • Special course projects

  • International visits

  • Special packages designed for allied golf associations to provide this service to golf courses in their region.

Custom solutions

Marrying expertise with technology

Access tools used by USGA Consultant's, and benefit from continued access to our expertise well beyond a consulting visit, such the GS3 Ball, originally designed for USGA Championships, and DEACON for comprehensive insights and resources to maintain superior playing surfaces.

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Our service connects you with highly skilled USGA agronomists across the country

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Meet the agronomists

jordan booth
Jordan Booth, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Course Consulting Service

Pinehurst, NC

darin bevard
Darin Bevard

Senior Director, Championship Agronomy

Kennett Square, PA

chris hartwiger
Chris Hartwiger

Director, Agronomy

Pinehurst, NC

cole thompson
Cole Thompson, Ph.D.

Director, Research

Pinehurst, NC

Matteo Serena, PhD
Matteo Serena, Ph.D.

Senior Manager of Irrigation Research and Services

Southern California

Mike Maher

USGA consultant Darin Bevard has been an instrumental part of identifying the key priorities and helping us implement both large and small changes to our maintenance program. He helped us get through a very tough situation and the recovery plan we developed saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mike Maher, Chesapeake Hills Golf Course

Course Consulting Service in action.

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