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The GS3 Ball - technology created for USGA Championships.

And now available for your course.

gs3 ball

A groundbreaking tool delivering never-before-seen insights into playing surface performance.

Originally conceived by USGA agronomists for the U.S. Open and other USGA events, the GS3 Ball is engineered to provide superintendents with actionable data, making it a must-have tool for every golf course maintenance operation.

Precise Agronomic Data

With over 15,000 data points, the GS3 Ball measures green speed, smoothness, trueness, and firmness.

Enhanced User Experience

Integrated with the DEACON management system, the GS3 Ball provides quicker roll tests, precise measurements, automatic data upload, and eliminates operator bias.

Objective Performance Metrics

Measuring playing surface conditions, setting targets, providing historical comparisons, and improved stakeholder communications.

Tested and Proven

In development for five years, the GS3 Ball was successfully tested at 2023 USGA championships and is now a standard tool at future USGA events.

GS3 Ball in action

gs3 drop
First you drop. By placing the GS3 Ball in a drop fixture, you can measure green firmness. By taking readings all around the green, you can get an accurate average on your green’s firmness.
gs3 roll
Simply roll the GS3 Ball off a Stimpmeter as you would with any other ball to measure green speed. Three rolls in each direction will provide you with instant data on green speed, trueness, and smoothness. Goodbye tape measure!
gs3 analyze
With the GS3 Ball and the DEACON™ platform, you can set your targets and get instant feedback on whether or not you’re reaching your goals.
gs3 optimize
Once you start collecting data with the GS3 Ball, you can begin making informed decisions on maintenance practices and how they impact your surface performance. In addition, you’ll have USGA support on how to leverage the full capabilities of DEACON™.

An easy, quick, precise way to collect important data about your greens.

gs3 3readings

Instant feedback from dropping and rolling the GS3 Ball.

gs3 tape

No matter who is dropping and rolling, the GS3 Ball delivers consistent data collection.

gs3 newspaper

Automated data flow to mobile device that synchronizes to web version.


The GS3 Ball measures turf firmness, assessing ball control, bounce and turf health on every green. Maintaining proper firmness is essential for challenging and consistent playing conditions.


Green speed, measured in feet per second (or stimpmeter readings), affects the challenge and playability of a golf course, enhancing the golfer experience. Consistent green speed ensures fair and reliable putting conditions.


The GS3 Ball detects putting green flatness and uniformity, resulting in a predictable ball path. Trueness is vital: an uneven surface can cause a golf ball to wobble side to side, thus affecting the ability to make a putt.


The GS3 Ball evaluates putting green evenness by identifying undulations and irregularities. A smooth green is crucial for accurate ball roll and a consistent putting surface.

DEACON: where the GS3 Ball data comes to life

DEACON is a digital management system that allows course facility managers to optimize resource allocation while enhancing the overall golf experience. DEACON improves course management by:

• Real-time data analysis on app and desktop.

• Set and track metrics with the GS3 Ball.

• To learn more about the functionality of DEACON, click here:

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Buy the GS3 Ball

GS3 Ball Bundle

GS3™ Starter Kit

Start your data collection journey today. With the GS3™ Ball and DEACON®, you can easily collect and log key performance metrics and maintenance practices, giving you the ability to make data-informed decisions. If you need any help, please reach out at greensection@usga.org.

These products and services are eligible for purchase by golf course owners, operators, architects, and major professional golf tours.

What’s included:

  • GS3 Ball and Charger

  • A one-year subscription to DEACON golf course management system (from date of purchase)

  • Drop Fixture

  • USGA Stimpmeter

  • USGA Support

Payment Options:

  • Credit card: Order will go immediately into the system for shipping.

  • Check: An invoice will be sent with an order confirmation. After the invoice is paid, the order will go into the system for shipping.


Golfer satisfaction is 80% tied to the quality of the putting surface.  All the resources we can put into making those surfaces better helps us satisfy our customers.  The GS3 ball is as easy as it gets to use: it’s quick and not a hassle.  We can instantaneously put the information into our phones.  It’s there for us to look back on and use to make informed decisions for the day, week, or month.

John Jeffreys, Pinehurst No. 2

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