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GS3 Ball

GS3™ Ball

1000.00 USD

Expand your data collection efforts by purchasing additional GS3 Balls. Please note you must purchase the GS3 Starter Kit before adding more GS3 Balls to your shopping cart.

What’s included:


You must have purchased a current GS3 Starter Kit to add an additional GS3 devices to your account. If you have any issues please contact GreenSection@usga.org

Payment Options:

  • Credit card: Order will go immediately into the system for shipping.

  • Check: An invoice will be sent with an order confirmation. After the invoice is paid, the order will go into the system for shipping.

DEACON® Subscription

Twelve (12) months after your initial purchase, your DEACON subscription will be automatically renewed for $1,250.00. Your DEACON subscription includes facilities up to 36 holes and unlimited users. For additional facility access, inquire for pricing. An active DEACON subscription is required to operate the GS3. For additional details, please see the Additional Terms.

What happens next?

Product's will begin shipping in February. Once shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number and DEACON login information. See FAQs for details.

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GS3 Ball

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